My content writing and copy services include blog posts, email streams, lead magnets and sales pages. Keep scrolling to learn more about each one.

Blog Posts

Whether you need posts for your own blog or a third party site (like a partner’s blog), I can help.

As your content writer, I will produce posts that…

  • Infuse your brand voice into every word
  • Appeal to your customers’ needs, painpoints and/or emotions
  • Appropriately showcase your solutions and offerings
  • Incorporate research and value, not fluff
  • Drive action with a focused CTA that ties together the post topic, customer need and your solution
  • Boost SEO with things like meta descriptions, keywords and backlinks
  • … and all the while are easy to read!

Email Copy

Your email list is one of your business’ most powerful assets. Don’t waste it with a lackluster email strategy.

I’ll help you create nurture streams and other email campaigns that…

  • Keep prospects and customers engaged
  • Inspire instead of spam
  • Get opens and clicks

Lead Magnets

Grow your email list by offering compelling, value-packed freebies — like eBooks, toolkits, worksheets, brochures, etc.

I’ll write and design them for you.

Sales Pages

Need a sales page for your next big launch?

I do those, too.