I am a seasoned content writer with a proven track record of creating copy that gets results for my clients.

I pride myself on learning each client's industry, customer base, and voice, so every word I write resonates and drives action.

But don't just take it from me.​

"I was fortunate enough to work with Miranda on several ad campaigns, sales pages, blog posts, webinar content, press releases, and more. Miranda's impact on our B2B SaaS business was huge. Without her conversion copywriting, we wouldn't have been able to capture the audience we were looking for and get them to see our product's benefit. She was able to enter a complex market and customer (healthcare) and get the job done. She is a true professional and fantastic to work with every step of the way. If you have an audience you need to reach, get Miranda to help!"​
Ashley Faber
Product Marketing
"I highly recommend Miranda for your content needs. I hired her as content writer for my branding client PharmaCCX. She wrote copy for their website as well as a few one-pagers. Despite very technical subject matter and strict regulatory requirements, she was able to produce simplified yet compelling language. She's a fast learner, responds well to feedback, and is worth every penny."
Kimberly Solarz Gordon
“Miranda’s professionalism and finance writing skills are unmatched. Because of her knowledge and ability to meet tight deadlines, we are able to produce valuable content that drives inbound leads and revenue. Miranda is wonderful to work with and always produces high quality content that accurately represents the Payability brand.”
Alison Sperling
Director of Marketing, Payability
"Miranda is a fantastic writer and is able to run with projects with little direction or oversight. Her copy is compelling, concise, and targeted. She asks the right questions and is always eager to improve. I'd refer her to anyone over and over again!"
Christina Cole
"I've worked with Miranda many times over the last decade and every time I am so blown away by her attention to detail and ability to clearly and concisely articulate my message in a way that actually sounds like me. When she re-wrote our sales page for 6FBA, it was so much cleaner and more compelling, which translated to WAY MORE sales and happier customers. She is worth every penny, and then some!"
Kate Kordsmeier
Creator of The Six-Figure Blog Academy and Founder of Root + Revel
“Miranda is an excellent writer and has produced many branded content pieces for Apres’ corporate partners. She has a unique ability to personalize a topic and make a company and/or specific job description come to life. She takes the time to understand our and our partners’ needs and, equally important, is able to deliver the right message in a way that the target audience will hear it. It’s no surprise that her pieces consistently outperform others, boosting traffic for Apres and increasing applications for our partners. In fact, our partners have hired candidates that applied as a direct result of her articles. I highly recommend Miranda if you’re looking for compelling content that drives results.”
Niccole Kroll
Co-founder, Apres
“Miranda and I first worked together at Real Simple magazine. It was Miranda’s first job out of college and within a few months she proved that she could handle just about anything. Within a year, she was writing her own pitches, and even working with national morning shows on creating segments. She proved that her writing skills were beyond her age. When I joined the Michael J. Fox Foundation and needed to build a team, Miranda was my first hire. She created the content strategy and managed all writing for the Team Fox program. She also launched and managed our blog which highlighted “hero” stories from our members across the country. Miranda is a gift to work with and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future. She is a wonderful writer with a knack for detail and description which are necessary skills for any content writer. She is a gem!”
Katy Ritz
Time Inc. and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
“As a full-time writer for the past decade, I’ve worked with dozens of editors and proofreaders. But none of them have been as detail-oriented and effective as Miranda. Her eagle-eye attention to detail is truly phenomenal–I’m always amazed at the smallest typos and errors that she catches, and her edits and revisions are always spot-on. I’ve come to value her feedback more than anyone I’ve ever worked with, as she constantly makes my work better and inspires me with great ideas. Plus, she’s quick, professional and just a true joy to work with.”
Kate Kordsmeier
Review from 2017 work for Root + Revel
“Miranda is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s straightforward, positive and gets things done with little back and forth. She meets deadlines with ease, takes feedback like a pro and is happy to make edits whenever needed, which is rarely. Her work comes in clean, clear and concise. She has a passion for her work and it shows with the level of creativity that comes through with it. Placing assignments in Miranda’s hands is a good idea if you are looking for fresh, digestible lifestyle content and more.”
Alexis Monson
Founder, Punkpost (Former Editor at Brit + Co)
"Miranda is great at communicating and meeting deadlines. She is very easy to work with and is quick to respond to questions."
Victoria Sullivan
Marketing Manager, Payability
“I had the great pleasure of working with Miranda on a launch brand, where her excellent organization and impeccable content planning skills showed quick and positive results. We were a very small team with many different moving pieces and schedules to keep track of. Miranda kept us all on top of everything, from social themes to publishing schedules to recruiting a group of freelance writers and keeping track of their assigned articles.”
Sophie Hays
West Coast Market Manager, Cycle for Survival (Formerly at New York States of Mind)

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