Just "opened cart" but not hitting your sales goals?

Your sales page might need some good ol' fashioned TLC

Chances are, your sales page isn’t converting well because it’s not resonating with your ideal client.

The good news? You don’t have to spend any more time stressing about your launch or figuring out how to make your copy more effective. Leave that job to me. 

That’s right — I can give your sales page the treatment it needs to start turning leads into actual paying customers. With the Sales Page Audit (aka the SPA 😉), I’ll tell you why it’s not converting — plus, how to fix it.

PS: If you’re about to launch but don’t feel confident in your sales page copy, the SPA’s for you, too!

Here's what you'll get with

The Sales Page Audit

  • 60-min Zoom video call where I’ll share my recommendations.
  • Recording of our call and copy of my audit notes/recs.
  • Audit will address:
    • Headlines: Are they compelling enough? Do they effectively speak to your ICA’s pain points and how you’ll help them? How can they be improved?
    • Structure: i.e. is everything laid out in the right order and do sections flow together? How is messaging hierarchy?
    • Redundancy and/or Fluff: Is there any unnecessary copy that’s taking away from your offer?
    • Testimonials: Are you adding them throughout the page in a strategic way?
    • Visuals: How well are you balancing your words with images/video?

Make changes during our call or right after, so you can start sharing your improved sales page — and increase conversions — right away!

Cost: $350

Kate's sales page wasn't converting at the level she had hoped.
With my help, her sales quadrupled.

"I've worked with Miranda many times over the last decade and every time I am so blown away by her attention to detail and ability to clearly and concisely articulate my message in a way that actually sounds like me. When she re-wrote our sales page for 6FBA, it was so much cleaner and more compelling, which translated to WAY MORE sales and happier customers. She is worth every penny, and then some!"
"I'm actually crying it's so good. Like crying. What's wrong with me!? Here's your new tag line: Miranda Eifler- writing sales pages so good it makes people cry."
Molly Cahill
Instagram Expert + Coach for Health and Wellness Practitioners

What my clients ask before booking...

With the Sales Page Audit, I’ll point out what should be updated, make note of anything that’s missing, recommend copy changes for headlines, and more. If you want me to re-write your sales page for you, you can learn more about that service here. If you decide to hire me to re-write your sales page, I will deduct the cost of your SPA from your new investment.

Great question. I’ll need a link to your current sales page as well as some information about your ideal client. As part of the booking process, I’ll send you a questionnaire where you can provide me with the right details, such as WHO your ideal client is (with particular attention to her painpoints and struggles), WHAT your offer is, and HOW it helps your ideal client.

Once you’ve booked your Sales Page Audit and filled out the questionnaire, I’ll do a deep dive on your sales page. I’ll compile my notes, feedback, and recommendations in a Google doc. Then, we’ll get on a Zoom video call where I’ll go through everything in the Google doc. You’ll get a copy of the Google doc as well as a recording of the call. 

You can make changes on the fly/while we’re on the call or immediately after — whichever you prefer.

First off, I will be very surprised if your launch isn’t a huge success. But if you’re getting a lackluster response, it might NOT be because of your sales page. Instead, your ideal client might not be finding your sales page in the first place. So if your numbers are low once you open cart, make sure to audit your marketing tactics to see how you’re driving people to your sales page and if there’s anything there that needs to be tweaked (i.e. social media language, ads/targeting, live webinars, etc.). 

While I do not issue refunds, I will work with you to see if any necessary edits need to be made to your sales page copy post-launch. I want you to succeed just as much as you do!

Absolutely! Feel free to use the sales page copy for your website, social media channels, and other marketing assets. 

"I love working with Miranda! She really listens to my goals for content creation and then offers creative solutions for executing the project in a timely and cost-effective way. She brings her own ideas to projects and always lets me know if there’s a smarter, more innovative way to deliver content. We’ve worked on several ebooks and PDFs together and I’ve been very impressed with her design and copy writing skills. She always combines my ideas with her own to create compelling content that my followers trust."
Frances Largeman-Roth
RDN, nutrition expert, author, mother, and founder of Milk & Honey Media, LLC

About Me

Hi! I'm Miranda, a copywriter for women entrepreneurs like you.

I help women create the businesses — and lives — of their dreams with high-converting sales pages, lead magnets, and web copy.

I use my 10+ years of copywriting and marketing experience to serve women entrepreneurs like you. The path that led me here might be similar to yours… I did the corporate 9-5 grind — working for amazing brands and organizations like Real Simple and Cooking Light magazines, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, OnDeck, and Brit + Co — then went freelance after having my first child in 2016. I’ve never looked back!

My career spans industries and disciplines, with one constant thread: writing copy that converts. 

To me, copywriting is equal parts understanding and focused storytelling (with a little writing skill thrown in for good measure 😉). First and foremost, your copy will not resonate with your ideal client if you don’t understand who she is, what she needs, and how she envisions her future. Then, whether it’s in a snappy headline, short Instagram post, or long-form sales page, your copy will tell a story — her story, specifically. One that draws her in, shows her the results she can achieve with you, and inspires her to take action. 

And the copy I write does just that. I’m a word nerd with more than 200 bylines and ghost-written pieces on the web (not to mention countless email streams and web pages).

When I’m not writing, you can find me redecorating my home, experimenting in the kitchen, or running the Rockefeller Preserve trails in the suburbs of New York — all with my husband and two young boys in tow.

“Miranda is an excellent writer and has produced many branded content pieces for Apres’ corporate partners. She has a unique ability to personalize a topic and make a company and/or specific job description come to life. She takes the time to understand our and our partners’ needs and, equally important, is able to deliver the right message in a way that the target audience will hear it. It’s no surprise that her pieces consistently outperform others, boosting traffic for Apres and increasing applications for our partners. In fact, our partners have hired candidates that applied as a direct result of her articles. I highly recommend Miranda if you’re looking for compelling content that drives results.”
Niccole Kroll
Co-founder of Apres, a platform dedicated to helping women re-enter the workforce or pivot careers

I want to help you grow your business with words that captivate and sell.